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Coming back home!

After a long school year following Sherlock to England, it is now time to head back home. This year we have learnt a lot about London and the English culture, and on this term we have focused on its foklore, traditions and its most iconic music and singers. We have enjoyed this journey very much, and we can’t wait to… Leer más →

Sightseen London with Sherlock

This term the students of Infant Education have continued to learn more about the English culture through our project: «Following Sherlock to England». This time, we have travelled to London to visit its most remarkable sights, monuments and places. We have also had the opportunity to taste a bit of Britain by getting to know its most traditional dishes. We… Leer más →

Happy Easter!

Dear families, The Easter Bunny has heard that the children at Arturo Soria School have been very good and he has decided to come to visit and leave us some chocolate eggs. He has hidden them in our playground and we have gone chocolate eggs hunting. It’s been exciting! Have a wonderful Easter! Leer más →

Learning about our body parts

Hello! In the 1st and 2nd grade of Infant Education we have been learning about our body parts. We have learnt very cool songs and we have played many games to practice this vocabulary. Here we are having some fun while reviewing all that we have learnt.                                  v.     … Leer más →

Following Sherlock Holmes to England

This past week, Sherlock Holmes has visited the youngest students in our school. He has helped us become detectives and investigate about his country: England.     Our main objective with this project is to bring the culture of English speaking countries closer to our kids. This project will take three weeks, one per term. It is going to be… Leer más →

Halloween at Arturo Soria

Hello everybody!   Last 31st of October no children came to school. Instead, many different scary creatures attended our school to celebrate a Halloween party. We played together, sang songs and even got to trick or treat. It was so much fun!                                                   Leer más →

We all go traveling!

Hello everyone! As you all know, in this term we are going to travel around the world and visit very interesting places! We need to be prepared, so the first step has been to know about the different transports that we can take for our journey and to decorate our classroom with everything that we have learnt about. It looks… Leer más →

Wild Wild West…. Yeehaw!!!!

Hi eveyone! Last Friday afternoon, all children of Infant Education enjoyed «in the theatre». The company known as Face2Face came to Arturo Soria School to play one of its English shows. There is nothing like a live performance! We saw the play: Wild Wild West and lived a lot of adventures with Johnny «the bad cowboy» and his sister Lee,… Leer más →

Easter Bunny!!

Today Easter Bunny arrives to our school! He heard that our schoolers are one of the best students worldwide so he decided to meet us, but unlikely we all were sleeping…However he decided to left some Easter eggs from his land, Eggland, in the playground. We have organized an egg hunt, everybody was ready with long-ears crowns and bunny masks. After that,… Leer más →


Sharing stories, talking, singing and enjoying books every day is crucial in the development of children. It helps with their ability to listen to and understand words, sparks their imagination and develops their speech, as well as creates a connetion with the little ones. For that reason, we were really pleased when a Mom of our schoolers came to Arturo… Leer más →